France in the Handle

Bastille Day Festival

Bastille Day is celebrated each year on or around the Second Sunday of July.  Entertainers and performers are on hand to create a Parisian vibe, accompanied by traditional food and drink.  France celebrates Bastille Day every July 14; military parades, fireworks and festivities throughout the country commemorate the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, when a mob of angry Parisians stormed the Bastille prison:  a symbol of the monarchy’s tyrannical rule.  Inspired by the famous footrace in Paris, Sacramento’s Bastille Day Festival also features a waiters’ race in which entrants attempt to be first to cross the finish line, having walked around a full city block without spilling water from glasses on a tray — and without dropping their trays altogether!  The Waiters’ Race benefits the Alliance Française de Sacramento and the Sacramento French Film Festival. Many of the Handle District’s impressively long list of food vendors share complimentary samples of their delicious wares.  

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Second Sunday in July

Parisian Food & Drink

Waiter's Race